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Think Alouds

This week, we have finalized the basic look of the adolescent/young adult (sova.pitt.edu) and the parent (wisesova.pitt.edu) sites.  Prashanth, Mitalee, and Anvay from the Information Sciences program at Pitt have been scouring wordpress for the right plug-ins and trying them out on our practice site. We’ve had some wonderful young people and parents volunteer to give the first feedback on the two sites in a process called: “think aloud.” A “think aloud” is as simple as it sounds but sometimes hard for people to do since its not common to say all of your thoughts about completing a task out loud.

Would you be interested in completing a think aloud? 

This is basically an interview where we learn about whether we designed something well. We ask you to complete a task (like if we said to make a piece of toast and gave you a toaster). Then you describe everything you’re doing (I put the bread in the hole, I push the button down…) And then we audio and video record it and see if there is anything bad about the design (toaster) we can fix!
Here is a silly example:

If you are interested, please email Alex!