New Team Members

kaitlin2We are pleased to have two Master of Social Work Graduate Interns to our SOVA Project team! Katilin Glover has her Bachelors degree in Psychology & Sociology from Indiana University of Pennsylvania. Currently, she is working on her MSW with a focus on mental health at the University of Pittsburgh.  She has an interest in creating a safe and equal environment for all LGBTQ members everywhere and destigmatizing mental illness.

katrinakeane_sovaKatrina Keane has a BS in Political Science from East Carolina University, and is a Licensed Massage Therapist, and foster parent. She currently is working toward her MSW at the University of Pittsburgh with a concentration in Community, Organization, and Social Action (COSA).  If Katrina had a magic wand she would eliminate child abuse in all its forms forever and have free ice cream everyday.


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