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“Building resilience depends on the opportunities children have and the relationships they form with parents, caregivers, teachers, and friends. We can start by helping children develop four core beliefs: (1) they have some control over their lives; (2) they can learn from failure; (3) they matter as human beings; and (4) they have real strengths to rely on and share.”
― Sheryl SandbergOption B: Facing Adversity, Building Resilience, and Finding Joy

Hello SOVA supporters. We are happy to update you that recruiting for SOVA blogging ambassadors is going very well! The ambassadors are really taking ownership of composing their posts and picking topics which will resonate with other readers and may help them to share their experiences too.

Here are some examples:

A review on mental health author, Jenny Lawson

The need for taking mental health days

Challenges faced by LGBT youth

Feeling supported by others sharing their stories

Since we’ve recruited SOVA ambassadors to start blogging, views of the site have gone way up – up to 2000 a month!

In other news, SOVA now has an Android app which you can download here – and an iPhone app coming out soon!

We’d like to now spend some time thinking about how to improve our site for parents,, and are seeking interested parents to provide us with feedback.

If you are or you know of a parent you think would like to talk with us about having a child (adolescent or young adult) with depression or anxiety in a focus group format, please ask them to email us at


In 2018, we look forward to beginning the pilot randomized controlled trial of the SOVA intervention – supported by funds from the National Institute of Mental Health!

Til then, have a Happy Thanksgiving and holiday season to all! SOVA is grateful for our growing team, especially our students this year – Sharanya Bandla, Maeve Clair, Lindsey Bloomingdale, Jennifer Matesa, Veronica Zhang, and Jason  Gruzin – also Jing Hua who has continued to volunteer her time and technical support. I am always extremely grateful to my mentoring network, our SOVA stakeholders and research participants, our administrative staff, and my wonderful diligent and enthusiastic research assistant, Cassandra Long. Let us all do our part to help children (and each other!) become more resilient in the face of an ever-changing but beautiful world.

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