The Internet and Teenager Health

Dr. Ana Radovic was recently interviewed by WESA, the Pittsburgh NPR station in regards to how the internet can provide useful and sometimes not so useful health education for adolescents.

Dr. Radovic noted that given the research done by Northwestern University that 86 percent of teen respondents reported they got at least some health information from online sources.  Furthermore, many of the teens reported that they get “a lot” of information from the internet, or as Dr. Radovic called it “Doctor Google.”

She said: doctors should always keep that in mind when seeing patients, that they can provide a context for the information that the internet cannot.

As we move forward with our study, we like to keep this in mind so that we can help educate adolescents with useful, correct information, and be able to point them toward a health care professional to receive that context of information when it is needed.

You can listen to the full (6 minute) interview here on WESA’s website. 


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