Team Spotlight: Alex DeMand

Meet Alex DeMand, researcher at the University of Pittsburgh as well as a Masters of Science in Applied Developmental Psychology student.  We interviewed Alex to find out a little more about her as well as gain some insight about our project.



What are your educational aspirations?

My educational aspirations, as of now, are to graduate with my Master’s in Applied Developmental Psychology. After a few years, I’d like to reapply to graduate school to attain my Doctorate in Clinical Psychology. I am interested in working with individuals with developmental disorders like Autism in clinical and community settings.

Where do you see yourself in your career 10 years from now?

I see myself still in the field of research and hopefully working with clinical populations. I’d like to be working somewhere out in California closer to my family also!

What personal goals are you working toward right now?

I am working on graduating with my Master’s in Applied Developmental Psychology, and working on writing a couple of manuscripts. In the upcoming year I am hoping to also start riding my bike more and maybe start a blog of my own about everyday environmentalism!

What do you like about the SOVA project?

What I like most about the SOVA project is the online platform. I think this is a really unique way to reach out to a whole array of people to create an online community of supportive people. I really like that users get to contribute to the site and start honest and sincere conversations with each other. I think that the SOVA project is using technology, and it’s role in the lives of people, to its advantage.

What do you think are some of the barriers to the project gaining speed?

I think that the largest barrier, like with any website, is trying to get the first users onto the website is very difficult. I think that once users start to explore the website and contribute to the conversations and content of the website- this will make the website hard to slow down!

What do you think are some of the strengths the project already has?

There are so many strengths of the project! We have an awesome online platform that we are working from which enables the website to be user friendly and filled with interesting and insightful knowledge. The SOVA project also has an awesome and supportive research team that is ready to work online with the users.

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