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Bringing research into practice

This post was written by Ashley Seiler, MSW candidate.

We recently wrote an article on SOVA and on wiseSOVA that explained a study on co-rumination and it turned out to be a very relatable topic for both our adolescents and parents! Since co-rumination is such an easy pattern to fall into, it seems like a natural way to cope with our problems. However, this study pointed out the negative impacts of co-rumination, such as not developing effective coping skills or problem solving thinking. Both the parents and youth found this article to be very interesting and we had comments on both of our websites.

This is a good example of a way to bring research into practice.  On the SOVA websites, some posts attempt to translate the research data into information that can be easily digested by adolescents and parents.  In the clinic, a behavioral health clinician or medical provider may notice that a patient and their parent  both seem to be focusing on only one negative topic and decide to talk to them separately about the issue. This can help facilitate independent problem-solving to work towards finding a solution instead of dwelling on the negativity of the situation. Then you can revisit the topic together to make a plan. This can also help to empower our adolescent patients to take ownership of their health care.

If you have any thoughts on the article, let us know in the comments below!