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SOVA Spring Updates

SOVA wishes you all a happy spring and would like to share some updates since we last posted.

We have begun recruiting for the Stress and Worry pilot randomized controlled trial and soon hope to get some preliminary information on the SOVA intervention.

We published the usability studies of SOVA in Journal of Medical Internet Research-Mental Health. Because JMIR-MH is open source, this means anyone can read the article online for free!

Our article on Depressed adolescents’ positive and negative use of social media is one of the most downloaded articles from Journal of Adolescence!

Recently, Dr. Radovic and colleague Dr. Megan Moreno co-edited a book on Technology and Adolescent Mental Health. This book features multiple leading minds in the field, summarizing the latest data and offering a balanced view on issues such as social media use in depressed teens, technology use among special populations, cyberbullying, multitasking, internet gaming disorder, and games and mental health. Each chapter finishes with a case-based example meant to help clinicians seeing adolescents for mental health concerns inquire and consider their technology use.

Dr. Radovic was also interviewed for a Washington Post article about screening for teen depression, specifically the difficulties primary care providers run into when implementing screening with teens and discussing depression with their parents.

Lastly, we are grateful to the hard work of Cassandra Long, MSW, LSW who has moved on from her role as the main SOVA research assistant to pursue her clinical career goals at the University of Pittsburgh counseling center. Also, Congrats to our graduating psychology student seniors, Lindsay Bloomingdale and Maeve Clair! Thank you to Julia Bickerstaff, Veronica Zhang, and Jennifer Matesa. Jen will be staying on as the SOVA Peer Ambassador Leader!

We hope to share more updates with you all in the summer.









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