SOVA Project Updates

SOVA Project wishes you all a Happy New 2019 Year!

We have made steady progress on recruitment for the Stress and Worry study, our pilot randomized controlled trial evaluating the SOVA intervention. This month, the protocol for this trial was published in JMIR-Research Protocols. There, we describe the study design and include an appendix of all of our measures. We are already learning so much from the process of running this trial, including all the nuances of recruiting a vulnerable population for trying out a website they may be unsure about using.

Dr. Radovic recently had the opportunity to work with Dr. Megan Moreno on a patient education piece for JAMA Pediatrics.  In this article which is part of a series JAMA Pediatrics offers for patients and families, Dr. Radovic tries to normalize to parents that seeking help for depression in their teen is not an easy process, and that it is in fact, a process. Parents can benefit greatly from using a team approach for their own support from their and their child’s primary care provider as well as community mental health advocates that include parent peers.

We are grateful for our awesome team of students, research assistants, and stakeholders! Together, we are working on several projects including engaging community stakeholders, applying for future funding to expand our reach, and recruiting and onboarding SOVA peer ambassadors. If you know of a young person 14 to 26 who has had symptoms of depression and/or anxiety and may be interested in blogging for SOVA, please have them check out

Lastly, if you are available on March 28 in Pittsburgh, please consider attending this year’s Adolescent Health Symposium with featured speakers on cyberbullying, technology interventions for adolescent health, and updates on how adolescents are using technology in relation to risk taking behaviors.

Until next time, take care from the SOVA team!

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