Just in time for Spring– Growing our Peer Community

Greetings and Happy Thursday!

Thanks so much for all of the feedback we have gotten on the site and our latest posts.  As we continue to work out the kinks, it’s super helpful to hear about your thoughts or any issues you may find.

Next week we will begin an exciting new phase of our project– participant recruitment!  One important part of SOVA and WiseSOVA is the community of peers who have experienced depression themselves or been a parent of a child who has experienced it.  With the help of this peer community, we will be able to best tailor the content and design of the site for our intended site users.  We hope that when we start using the website for the research study, we will have built an active peer community of partners that can provide a helping hand to those currently experiencing problems with depression.

We still have many questions like, can we engage more people in discussion if we write about depression in different ways?  For example, sharing someone’s personal story vs. discussing more general ideas of what experiencing such an issue can be like.

Next week we start recruiting from the Adolescent Clinic and we are excited to learn what happens.  Stay tuned as we begin building our community!


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