Depression and Social Networking Sites

Hi Everyone!

Recently the Huffpost wrote about how Facebook has new ways to connect people who may mention suicidal statements in their status updates with resources that can help. This is especially relevant as young people do display depressive symptoms on social media.  Currently, 1 out of 4 adolescents are updating their statuses with signs of depression. Research is beginning to pop up that suggests we could use data mining to identify suicidal language on social networking sites.  Because of these trends, popular sites are beginning to address the issue of suicidality-related posting., a social action site for young people, created a crisis text line site that offers support for young people 24/7. 

Have any of you heard of other organizations that have found creative ways to address these issues? 

What do you think about these initiatives, and how can they be improved?

We want to know your thoughts!   



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